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Black Mask


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Stay safe with the reusable protective masks/respirators. High quality, easy to use and stylish face mask reduces the likelihood of infection and protects people around. The mask individually adjusts to the size and shape of the face, providing maximum protection. 

  • 4 layers of natural certified OEKO-TEX 100% linen fabric
  • High quality protective masks/respirators
  • Reusable. Can be washed at high temperatures (80-100 °C)
  •  Adjustable by making a knot for an ear loop
  • Easy to use, comfortable



You can either machine wash or hand wash the mask. When machine washing it, opt for the highest temperature of up to 90-100 °C to ensure the bacteria are killed.

You can also hand wash the mask in a sink or a bowl. Take the sizing knots out to leave the strips loose. Lather the mask and rub it with soap or gentle laundry detergent. Make sure that inside and outside of the mask including strips are washed. Pour boiling water (from the kettle will work), on top of the mask in a bowl or a sink (be careful not to burn yourself), leave the water to cool off for a while and rinse the mask in clean running water afterwards.

Hang to dry

You can also steam/iron the mask before wearing it – the mask will become softer and high steam temperature will additionally sterilise the mask.