House of Kooplies 4 in 1 Bun Toque-Charcoal
House of Kooplies 4 in 1 Bun Toque-Charcoal
House of Kooplies 4 in 1 Bun Toque-Charcoal
House of Kooplies 4 in 1 Bun Toque-Charcoal

House of Kooplies 4 in 1 Bun Toque-Charcoal

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I’m your four-course hat. Take a toque, mix it with a touch of headband, top it with a side of beanie, and finish it off with a neck warmer and you’ve got me - the 4-in-1 Bun Toque! You won’t know what you did without me.
This Canadian-made multi-wear bun toque  is the only accessory you’ll ever need for your bun, ponytail, neck, and head (aside from our headbands and slouchy beanies of course!) When it comes to hand crafted, locally made fashion accessories that are both functional and fun, this bun toque delivers each and every time. Here’s why:
Our bun toques are made with this so comfortable you’ll never want to take it off.  With fleece-lined bamboo, it puts every other hat, ponytail holder, toque, beanie, and scarf you’ve ever owned to shame.
It’s four accessories in one: Sporting a cute ponytail or bun? No worries! Our toque fits right over top of your bun or ponytail; no need to take it out. Too hot out for a toque? No problem. Just fold over the top and in seconds you have a fashionable and fun headband. Or, maybe you’re more of a beanie girl. Tie up the top and no one will be the wiser. And when the chill of the fall and winter starts to set it, slide the whole toque down around your neck and you’ll never need another scarf again!
It’s designed for all seasons: Doubled layered to ensure warmth, and practical for every season, a House of Koopslie bun toque is your 365 day a year accessory. Spring, summer, fall, and winter - a multi-wear bun toque does it all!
It’s super soft: It’s so soft and so comfortable you may even want to sleep in it (and we have!).  Did we mention that when you put it on it stays in place all day long? No re-adjusting needed! Just put it on and go. You’re welcome!
Our line of fabrics and threads are certified by Oeko-Tex: This means that all materials used are free from harmful substances and that the hardworking artisans behind them have safe working conditions and are treated fairly.
This bun toque is antibacterial AND moisture wicking: You can do yoga in it, take a bike ride in it, dance in the rain in it, or curl up by a warm fire in it…you get the idea. Your bun toque will stay dry and germ free no matter where you go or what you do.  Just pop it in your washing machine, drying on low or laying flat to dry, to keep it looking awesome longer.
It’s sized for you. Long hair, short-hair, curly hair, straight hair - this multi-wear bun toque doesn’t discriminate. It’s one size fits all and that size is awesome!
It complements our trademark leather House of Koopslie labels well:  Made of 100% vegan leather, our leather labels are all about the pop - of style that is! Wear it up front and center, mix it up and wear it backwards, we don’t care. Our labels are like you - unique so rock them your way.
So…what are you waiting for? Hit that “Add to Cart” button and start rocking that bun toque!