Natural Life

Natural Life has been a staple brand at Underground since 2010. Known for soft t-shirts with so much function and style, our customers come back time and time again for more!
Using 2 different main fabrics to create such comfortable long lasting shirts. 
Modal- These fibers are produced using Edelweiss fiber technology.
Edelweiss stands for a "symbiotic" production process - pulp, the raw material, is produced at the same site as the Modal fiber itself. Thus Production can be done while going easy on energy and other resources. Simply Edelweiss!
Intermingled Hacci which is made out of fine Rayon and Polyester. Before the knitting process, the Rayon yarn and Polyester yarn is combined together through this special technique called "Intermingle Process" to create it's own characteristic look. It has extra soft hand and incredible stretch which gives great feel on the skin.